WTSR Underground’s performances stretch genres

By Chelsie Derman
Arts & Entertainment Editor

With the setting sun and the lively music, WTSR 91.3 FM held its semi-annual WTSR Underground in a non-traditional way on September 12 at noon.

“We’ve never done Underground like this. Normally we do it in the TV studio, and it’s more for bands to get a professional video recording of their sets, as this is the first time we’ve done it more like a gig, ”said Julia Landi, musical director of WTSR, a Junior Major in English.

WTSR Underground reflected a music festival. All the guests relaxed on the lawn of the AIMM Ellipse or on the surrounding benches, some wearing masks, others not. Five performers (two soloists and three groups) made their way on stage: Anthony Garcia, The Post Office, Goings, Hana Bryanne, and finally, This HOLY Rodeo.

Recent college graduate Anthony Garcia shares original music at WTSR Underground (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Osekavage / staff photographer).

Recent college graduate Antoine Garcia started the afternoon strong with his soothing guitar playing and many of his original songs. His alternative music moved audiences.

“The first performance was really cool. I liked the atmosphere the song gave, very sweet, slightly melancholy, ”said Veronica Gomez, a first year student major in English. “I liked the rustic sound of the music, the sound of the guitar and the harmonica before in this one performance.”

Garcia now works as a reporter at The Ocean Star, but making music remains one of his great passions.

“My favorite part about the show is expressing myself on stage,” Garcia said. noted.

Newly formed rock band The Post Office performed at the WTSR Underground (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Osekavage / Staff Photographer).

The post office then came up with music that had a different style than Garcia’s. The crowd

encouraged him and their music fell into the funk rock genre. Before they started, The Post Office said it was their first time performing in front of a crowd. La Poste has announced the upcoming release of an album.

Featured: The Goings Group (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Osekavage / Staff Photographer).

After that, the Philly-based group, Go, took the stage. Like The Post Office, their songs are also rock genre.

After Goings, singer-songwriter Hana Bryanne went on stage. She performed original songs with a Taylor Swift-esque vibe.

Featured: Hana Bryanne (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Osekavage / staff photographer).

“I found [Hannah Bryanne] to TIC Tac actually, ”Landi said when asked how she found all the artists who came to the event. “She has a great song she wrote that has gone viral, hundreds of thousands of views. And I was like “she’s awesome” and emailed her, because I was like “maybe she’s around”.

Landi found out Bryanne was going to school in New York City, so inviting the TikToker / musician worked.

Featured this HOLY Rodeo (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Osekavage / Staff Photographer).

At the end, This SAINT Rodeo played, the band using a bunch of guitars to liven up the crowd.

Nancy Bowne, WTSR Program Manager and Junior International Studies student, spoke a little behind the scenes of preparing for WTSR Underground.

“This year, especially with COVID and the planning ahead, we weren’t really sure if we could have people on stage and in the studio,” Bowne said. “So we have an external event. It’s cool because we can get more people out.

According to Bowne, planning for WTSR Underground took about six months.

“We’ve had months of board meetings asking ‘who’s going to take care of the merchandising table?’ Speaking of “can we make food?” “We usually had popcorn machines, but with COVID we can’t really do that… definitely a lot of moving parts, but it’s been a lot of fun,” Bowne said. Bowne added that WTSR is also coordinating the setting up of interviews with all groups.

WTSR Underground Fall 2021 may have been unconventional – at least for WTSR Underground lore – but the event was well attended.

“I’m a big music nerd, so I love to see people play music live,” Landi said. “Seeing the performances was my favorite part. “

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