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Top 10 best Mad Catz cymbals of 2021

1. Mad Catz the Authentic EGO Arcade Stick (GAPCCAINBL00)

  • Match quality sanwa denshi parts (joystick and movement buttons) for unmatched precision and timing
  • Eight-way ball-head joystick avoids a breeze and can be simply configured to copy the left or appropriate joystick or d-pad to a standard controller
  • Arcade preventing following the real arcade feel – great for preventing video games
  • The ego arcade key is ideal for computer or console games and is suitable for ps4, xbox one, nintendo change and computer (Windows direct and x-input)
  • Eight customizable motion buttons in vewlix format – can be used as usual motion buttons on a conventional controller (abxy, r1, r2, l1, l2); 2 additional buttons (l3 / r3) to be programmed according to your selection for greater control flexibility

2. Rock Band 4 Pro Wireless Battery Kit for PlayStation 4

  • Responsive and Sound-Absorbing Design: Heavy-duty, high-quality construction absorbs sound so you can possibly rock all night long without waking the neighbors
  • Quick and easy setup: The rock band‘s four cymbals are color coded and have easy-to-install clamps. consists of chopsticks and stacks to swing you straight off the pitch
  • Unlock Professional Mode: These four-drum rock bands with cymbals let you experience rb4’s toughest tuning – professional mode
  • Adjustable visor: stay warm in your throne by inserting the drums and cymbals precisely where you want them
  • Integrated management panel: Simply navigate the menus of rock group four with a management module that includes a d-pad and motion buttons. you can select the next monitor using only your four drum rock band

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