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Tell a story of rags to riches. A dog picked up stray on the streets of Lafayette went from living on a prayer to living the life of a rock star after being adopted into the family of a Bon Jovi band member.

The terrier-mix dog, about 7 years old and sporting light fur on its head that resembles a mohawk, was picked up by Lafayette police and brought to the Lafayette Animal Shelter and Care Center on July 8. He didn’t have a collar, tag or chip to identify him. They named him Benji.

On July 20, Angie from Angie’s Dog House, a nonprofit dog shelter based in Foley, Alabama, stopped in Lafayette to pick up other dogs as she does regularly, the director of the center said Friday. shelter, Shelley Delahoussaye.

“She saw it and said, ‘I have to take that one too,'” Delahoussaye said.

The Lafayette Animal Shelter releases about 700 dogs a year to agencies across the country that find them in their homes. In other places, Delahoussaye said, people have their pets spayed more often, so they don’t have the overcrowding problem seen in the Acadiana area.

Benji was driven 4-5 hours to Alabama and then transferred to All Humane Animal Rescue Inc. and Wildlife Rehab in Wanaque, New Jersey.

They posted some photos and this message on their website on August 7 looking for a forever home for the dog: wonderful personality, cute as a button, great with other dogs, fully controlled.

It didn’t take long for the love to flow. Kelli McDonald decided that Benji should be part of her family. Kelli McDonald is the wife of Hugh McDonald, bassist and backing vocalist of the American group Bon Jovi.

According to the All Humane Rescue Facebook page, the McDonalds fell in love with Benji at first sight and flew from Tennessee to New Jersey to adopt him.

They renamed him Sid.

“We love Sid so much! He’s a very special dog,” Kelli McDonald commented on All Humane Rescue’s post. She even shared photos of the couple and Sid.

“Rock On Lil Sid,” the rescue wrote.

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