St. John’s group Swimming brings math rock to the masses

The members of Swimming say they’re not the only math rock band in St. John’s, but they’re probably the only math rock band to perform outdoors on the trails around Signal Hill.

“We’re just trying to bring this music to places where you wouldn’t normally expect to hear a loud band,” Swimming drummer Liam Ryan said.

Swimming consists of Ryan, guitarist Jacob Cherwick and bassist Nick Hunt.

What is math rock?

They are all musicians up for a challenge, that’s where math rock comes in.

“It’s all based on complex time signatures and chord structures,” Cherwick said. “Sometimes it’s a lot to count in your head. Sometimes it’s stuff that seems easier to play but feels more complicated.”

Group veterans

The three friends are experienced swimmers in groups of various musical styles.

Cherwick is best known as the guitarist for his family’s Ukrainian dance group, Kubasonics, Ryan grew up listening to his mother’s Sex Pistols and Ramones records, and Hunt is an essential rock and heavy metal bassist.

Math rock for everyone

Besides surprising unsuspecting hikers, Swimming also performs for a wide range of audiences – in downtown bars, in art galleries, and in private spaces.

And while math rock can be very technical, the band say their fans don’t have to pull out their calculators to enjoy More of the same.

“The stuff we play is generally happy,” Ryan said. .

“It’s not super depressing music.”

Weekend morning16:08For swimming, Math Rock adds up to more of the same

St. John’s-based trio Swimming discuss the appeal of rock in the Math Rock and Emo subgenres. 16:08

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