Slash reveals’ Intense ‘Guns N’ Roses tour restrictions

Guns N ‘Roses faced “intense restrictions” on their last tour, guitarist Slash has revealed.

The group were determined to ensure that none of them contracted the coronavirus on the road, which would have resulted in the cancellation of concerts, leaving fans disappointed.

“Guns just toured the US which was a lot of fun,” Slash told Radio Bob in a recent interview (available below). “It was great because you had all these crowds that were very hungry for concerts. So it was a very energetic tour. He continued, “At the same time, we also had a lot of intense restrictions. We didn’t have any type of aftershow guests – no guests at all – and we never left the hotel pretty much. all the time. And everyone really had to stay the course so that nobody got sick and had to postpone the tour and all that stuff. But we made it out unscathed. So that was good. “

When asked how he handled his own lockdown, he replied, “I stayed very busy the whole time… I was recording or scrambling; I had a million things going on… I did it out of intention because I couldn’t sit still for that long! He added that the work had included “Guns N ‘Roses stuff … a bunch of outdoor sessions … and worked on movie stuff.”

He has also completed work on his fourth solo record, which is coming in the near future. “We recorded it completely live,” he explained of the LP which again features Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. “The only real overdubs we did were backing vocals, percussion and some harmonies. And this is the first time that I have really had the opportunity to record everything live at the same time, in the moment, so it has a certain kind of energy; a certain urgency that makes it different from other records.

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