Singaporean indie rock band Blush release eponymous debut EP

New Singaporean indie / alt-rock band Blush have released their eponymous debut EP.

The three-track project arrived on Spotify and Bandcamp on Friday, November 26. The EP consists of the single “Best Friend” already released as the opening track, followed by new tracks “Come Clean” and “Suck”.

Listen to the EP ‘Blush’ below.

“Come Clean” features heavily distorted guitars, reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins, which the band cited as a major influence. Under the voice of Soffi Peters, guitarists Zhang Bo and Daniel Lim harmoniously alternate fuzzy chords and melodic lines.

The slowcore “Suck” closes the band’s first effort with stretched vocals and dark guitar tones that further accentuate the song’s theme of personal chess.

The EP was produced by Zhang Bo of Blush, mastered by Kin Leonn and features the drums of Lucas Tee of Subsonic Eye.

Blush is made up of live keyboardist from Sobs, Soffi Peters on vocals, Daniel Lim from Hauste and Zhang Bo from Cosmic Child on guitars, and Daniel Pei from Cosmic Child on bass.

Blush made their live debut at Singapore’s Baybeats Festival earlier this month. Their performance at the Théâtre de l’Esplanade can be viewed here until November 30.

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