Precinct police issue guidelines for DJs, bands and music parties

The police station on Friday issued instructions to bands, DJs and organizers against using loudspeakers during Durga Puja this year.

In its guidelines, the police station made it clear that the provisions of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000 and the Supreme Court Order, limiting the sound output of loudspeakers to 65 decibels and the Commissioner’s order must be strictly followed during Durga Puja festival. .

Likewise, all bands/DJs and music parties using amplifiers with other musical instruments must install sound limiters connected to amplifiers with a fixed output of 65 decibels.

Here is a list of instructions:

– A band and a musical evening will be authorized and no additional sets will be authorized during the immersion procession.

– The use of the number of sound boxes by the musical party should be limited to 4-5 during Dusshera.

– No sound system should be taken out without being equipped with sound limiters.

– Band/DJ and recorded music nights at DCP Bhubaneswar office, Cuttack will be allowed.

– The sound output limit of 65 decibels must not be exceeded by the band/DJ and musical parties throughout the events.

-No music should be played within 100 meters of quiet areas – school, college, hospital and court.

-The time and route given to the procession must be strictly followed by the band/DJ and the musical parties.

– Under no circumstances should the band/DJ and music parties perform on state roads and in areas where u/s 144 CRPC prohibition orders are issued.

– No focus/flashlights will be used by DJs/bands in the processions.

-Maximum number of 6 trolleys to be used during the immersion procession.

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