Phish fan dies during rock band concert: was it an accident or a homicide?

Phish saw two separate incidents during their concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco – one of which killed a fan.

KTVU reported that the incident happened during the rock band’s concert on Sunday night. One of their fans, a 47-year-old man from Athens, died of a fall before 9:00 p.m. during the group’s performances.

After investigating the case, police told The Associated Press that the fan – who has since been identified as Ryan Prosser – “leapt from an elevated area of ​​the arena” before falling and succumbing. .

Representatives from the San Francisco Police Department and the Chase Center have yet to make an official statement. However, several witnesses who saw the incident shared what really happened on the night of the concert.

An eyewitness said they were a few rows behind the guy who tried to jump on purpose.

“We were a few rows behind the first guy who jumped on purpose, and we saw him just as he put his feet on the fence, got up and just jumped. He got out of sight and I realized later it was a huge drop, maybe four stories or so, ”the participant said.

Prosser’s longtime friend Frank Bauer said he had no idea he would be jumping during the concert.

Another accident at Phish’s concert

Besides the deceased ventilator, another fall occurred almost an hour later.

KPIX exclusively reported that a viewer fell into the lap of another fan. Both are said to have suffered non-life threatening injuries.

44-year-old fan Evan Reeves recalled how someone fell on top of him and broke his leg. He reportedly heard a thud before feeling a sharp pain in his left leg.

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“I immediately dragged myself a few meters to take some distance so that he could be treated. I immediately knew what had happened because as a usher in the music scene, I had heard many stories of people falling from balconies over the years, “he said.

Despite his injury, he chose to stay put to finish Phish’s concert. After obtaining consent from a medical professional on site, he was brought back to watch the last 40 minutes of the show. He then went to an Oakland hospital for examination.

Although two incidents occurred overnight, the Chase Center insisted the arena was built and operated after meeting safety requirements.

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