Omega X returns bold and laddish with ‘Love Me Like’

Boy group Omega X poses at an online press conference Wednesday. (Arrow entertainment)

Beginner band Omega X hailed the frigid season and jumped on the January musical craze by releasing their second EP, “Love Me Like,” Wednesday afternoon, four months after their previous release.

At an online press conference Wednesday, the 11-member group described the latest effort as “an album that aims to show that Omega X is a band that could have different tunes and concepts suited to them.” The band added that their five-song package is unlike anything the band has released before.

At the head of the album is the track “Love Me Like”, which Kevin described as a “moombahton-based rhythm in the background with exotic beats and flute sounds intertwined with powerful choreography”. He went on to say that the lyrics speak of a strong affection for a lover. Kevin added that the group chose the rhythms and melodies of Latin music to deliver their version of “love”.

Sebin said the group decided to go male this time around with the ambition to show that Omega X is a band with powerful energy. “As you can see from our outfits, some people are shirtless to show our masculinity. The weather is cold outside, but I hope our performance could heat up people’s days like a hotteok, ”he added, referring to the Korean winter’s staple of a hot pancake filled. of brown sugar.

When asked about their title track, Junghoon said the song could be translated as wanting your lover to love you back. The 21-year-old also expressed high hopes that fans and music listeners can experience different types of love through “Love Me Like”.

Although Omega X set its sights on the ring last June with the release of “Vamos,” the group said they tried to take a leap of faith in bringing their studio sounds to the masses to show off their diverse musical personalities. in the secondary tracks.

This time around, several band members went through the entire process as “self-producers”, listing themselves as songwriters and lyricists.

(Arrow entertainment)

(Arrow entertainment)

Jaehan, Hangeyom and Yechan started their musical journey by creating the melody and writing the lyrics for “Liar”. The album also includes “Please,” produced by Hangyeom.

Speaking of “Liar”, Yechan said it’s a piece of music about saving and protecting your lover and it’s the first song he wrote with his band mates. Most importantly, the songwriter said he was able to learn his voice and the voices of the other members in depth in terms of suitability.

“I think I will be able to come up with songs that suit our voices and harmonize our voices, even more, better in the future,” Yechan added.

Jaehan shared an episode of how Hangeyom’s “Please” came to life with a question. “We were eating in our dormitory and Hangyeom came to us at random and asked us what we thought of the term ‘call me’,” he said. Xen intervened, describing Hangeyom as a “genius”. He went on to say that Hangyeom is good at songwriting and lyrics writing.

Hangeyom said fans inspired him to create the song. “We can’t really meet our fans in person because of the pandemic, so I just wanted to get the message across that I want to call our fans to see them,” he added.

At the end of the press conference, Hangyeom expressed high hopes of performing well on the music charts and landing a rookie award at upcoming awards ceremonies.

“Since some of our band mates were involved in creating the secondary tracks for our album, I hope all of our tracks will be enjoyed by fans and listeners alike. Hopefully we can hear that Omega X is a band that has some well done B sides on their album, ”he said.

Hangyeom added that he hopes to make 2022 their year by reaching out to audiences with their music.

The group also said they would like to go global, hosting world tours where they can meet international fans.

The five-song package will be released at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

By Park Jun-hee ([email protected])

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