Olmsted Falls High School Marching Band is hosting an annual preview party with Mini Marchers on August 12


OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio – The echoes of brass and percussion from Olmsted Falls High School can only mean the Bulldog Marching Band is gearing up for another season.

“We’re excited to see a full football season because last year we weren’t able to see any away games,” said Julie Budd, director of the Olmsted Falls High School Marching Band. “Plus, we’re really excited to be traveling to Disney, which we’ll be doing in February. “

The marching band kicks off its season with the annual preview night and Mini Marchers event which will take place at 7 p.m. on August 12 inside Charles A Harding Memorial Stadium.

“I decided, when I took over as director-in-chief, to do a preview because this is our first opportunity to go to the football field,” said Budd. “It’s our dress rehearsal.

“It’s so cool for the community to come and see this. Another big reason is that it is a great opportunity for young and old to be able to see the group while the weather is still nice.

The preview audience normally finds a packed audience seated on the home side of the stadium.

“The band preview is part of our long and proud tradition in Olmsted Falls,” said Principal Leo Spagnola. “Our children in the group work hard year round and this event allows us to showcase and celebrate our students and staff.”

Before the show, participating Mini Marchers children are encouraged to bring their instruments and / or pom poms.

“There is a long tradition of incorporating our young Bulldogs,” said Budd, a 2000 Olmsted Falls High School graduate. “I’m pretty sure I remember walking with my sister, and I know that my daughters have few.

“We invite our Kindergarten to Grade 5 Mini Walkers to come and see what the instruments look like and try to walk for the group. We do this for the first 15 minutes or so and then we head to the field where the group does all of their pre-game and halftime show for the communities.

Regarding this year’s Bulldog Marching Band, Budd said the musicians are set for a great season.

“Last season, due to COVID, we were only able to perform at three shows,” Budd said. “So it’s going to be exciting to perform all season. That’s a big plus point, and we’re excited to be doing our Queen (program), which will be our first show of the season.

“It’s difficult music. There are a lot of really great instrument features. We are super motivated to move this music forward.

On an independent note, the Olmsted Falls High School Marching Band will be hosting their fourth annual mattress fundraiser. The event is scheduled from 10 a.m. at 5 p.m. Saturday (August 7) ​​at high school.

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