News and Information – 20 Twenty One: Bill Stevens

Speaking of noise …

I like old British motorcycles, but Triumph is the one I chose. My own bike is a mid-70s 750 Trident. It is basically a 1950s twin with an extra cylinder pushed to the side.

It looks nothing like modern Triumphs – no overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder. It’s all lifters, the rocker arms are moving, there is an oil leak. I take it apart and rebuild it and it behaves for 1000 miles from me beating it, then it starts leaking oil again – just the way it is.

I’ve ridden quite a few more capable bikes, but mine is really comfortable to ride. I have had it for over 30 years – bought it with very low mileage and have done most of the 80,000 ks on the odometer.

It’s a labor of love – a practical bike. My partner has a recent model of Triumph – and I don’t do much about it – he doesn’t let a drop of oil drip. But I really like my old bike for all the extra attention it needs.

I have never ridden motorcycles, but have been around Manfeild a few times. I do like to watch MotoGP and Superbikes on Sky though.

I live in Newlands, so we take the freeway a lot, up to the Waikanae interchange and back – a nice walk up the Kapiti Coast – or find a cafe somewhere for brunch. I like to do the Haywards – and cross the hill – it’s a really nice walk to Ferry Lake – great little pub there. It hasn’t been over for ages. Lots of good walks to do here.

I’m really into music – I love to record, I’ve been in rock and metal bands. I play guitar and bass, a little bit of vocals. I haven’t been in a band for years – when my son was born it all got too much of a pain – including the fact that as soon as you get a good band, someone leaves and you have to start over. zero. We used to play places like Terminus and Clyde Quay back then, places that are mostly gone now. We used to play anything from blues to heavy rock.

I like a wide range of music but rock and metal are my favorites. I’m a fan of all kinds of bands – with metal I don’t really like bands that do deathgrowl without melodic vocals, but I like metalcore that mixes the two – the American band Killswitch Engage is awesome for example – they play so fast and their musicality is just amazing – i don’t know how they do it. There are a lot of blues / rock music I’d love to jam with – too many to name, and unfortunately not all of us with us yet.

When I finish some of my last songs and I’m happy with them, they’ll be on Spotify. They won’t go on vinyl, though – that’s rubbish – why would you do that? I love digital music – who wants vinyl – it just ruins a good song. I don’t believe anyone tells me that the vinyl click, crackle and pop is better. I still have a ton of really good music on vinyl and it’s cool to turn the turntable sometimes – click, crackle, pop and all.

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