Guarantees requested for credit redemption

Portia surrender bonds

Bonded loans

Bail Portia is a most advantageous Portia redemption. The general idea of bonding is based on the fact that the borrower is insured in the repayments of his old monthly payments by a surety agency.

The agency therefore pays the monthly installments instead of the borrower who will return new ones in a fraction to the said agency. It thus makes it possible to avoid indebtedness or even over-indebtedness but also the penalties and the costs of the charges too high.

Indeed, the costs borne by the borrower are minimal in a debt bond buyback that those of usual lending institutions. There will be no question of seizures of property or mortgages, the bond is intended to guarantee, in due time, all refunds, and is usually made in installments of 3 to 4 payments. Also, it is possible to remedy the debtor bank account or withdrawal requests refused.

The borrower will then have enough or even a little more financial resources to stabilize his needs of daily life. The bond loan is therefore much more profitable than the repurchase of fixed rate or mortgage Portia.

Also note that a bonded or bonded loan consolidation may be sponsored by a sponsor ie in a personal capacity.

Mortgage pooling

The mortgage Portia pool is a bond buyback that is backed by one or more guarantees. In the absence of reimbursement, the loan agency will give itself the right to seize the pledges (guarantees).

The fundamental basis of a mortgage loan buyback is to take back all debts, whatever they may be, to be consolidated and repaid by the surety. This allows the borrower to focus only on a single Portia repayment with rates more moderate than those of previous loans, which are 7 to 15% of the amount. It will also make radical changes to some of the notorious factors in current loans, such as new lighter-rate monthly payments and a more flexible repayment period. It will therefore be possible for the borrower to save and no longer worry about a possible debit from the bank account or a withdrawal request declined.
Be aware that mortgage Portia must always be controlled and validated by a notary.

Special loan grouping

The Special Loan Consolidation is a Portia not related to the reserved or contracted Portia and may be used for personal use.

However it can be consumed for the reorganization of the loans reserved or under contract but will not enjoy in any way benefits. In this case, the repurchase of particular Portia will be taken in hand by the lender. And also know that in the event of a loss of strength of the repurchase agreement reserved Portia, the personal Portia will remain independent and will not be dissolved with the latter. It should also be noted that the purchase of personal or private loan is made without pledges if it does not exceed 85 000 €.

It is in this sense that agencies like Affinance allocate their services. Affinance presents, for example offers of Portia, personal or reserved, to refinance the Portias of a borrower, loans with rates more moderate than those of the market with a surplus of renegotiation, thanks to its partnership with the group of the BIO.


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