Credit Redemption: Finding the Best Rate

Portia Redemption: How to Find the Best Rate?


If you choose to optimize the repayment of your loans through the purchase of Portia, find the best rate : in addition to reducing your monthly payments up to – 60%, realize savings on the overall operation. It must be known that the rate of a purchase of Portias varies according to several criteria. But usually when it is high, the operation is more expensive.

Example: a loan consolidation of 7.5% on the amount of € 95,000 will have a cost of € 70,000 over a period of 15 years. While an offer of 5.5% for the same amount will cost 49 000 €. There is a difference of 2% or 19 000 € .

Identify your Portia redemption needs

When it comes to buying back Portias, finding an attractive rate from an organization depends primarily on your needs. These vary from one individual to another: identifying them will allow you to better prepare yourself.

Need a purchase of conso Portias at the best rate?

Among the various groupings of loans, there is the purchase of consumer Portia. It makes it possible to collect several consumer Portias in a single debt. If you have contracted several Portias cons: personal loan + loan work + auto Portia for example, this type of redemption concerns you.

Using our online Portia redemption calculator, simulate your situation with peace of mind in order to find the best rate.

Need a real estate loan buy at the best rate?

The repurchase of real estate loan is intended for the individual having contracted a mortgage to become owner. Whether it is a supplementary financing from a Housing Savings Plan (PEL) or a Housing Savings Account (CEL), you can redeem your Portia by an organization.

For several years, real estate rates have been known to be historically low. The years 2017 and 2018 have not departed from the rule: also, take advantage of preferential offers to find the best rate for your buy back mortgage. However, we recommend that you perform a simulation to check if you are eligible for a mortgage purchase.

Need a consolidation of loans conso and immo?

If you are a tenant and in addition to a home loan you have made several consumer loans, this formula is adapted to your situation: the consolidation of loans conso and immo consolidates all of your debts in order to offer you only one monthly payment to be paid each month. In addition, the rate, the amount and the duration of this single debt are negotiable.

Be careful: when you talk to one of the banks that granted you the loan, it is not a loan buyback but rather a debt restructuring. The goal is to renegotiate certain aspects of the loan.

To be able to determine what will be the rate of your Portia surrender, you need to make a simulation of online Portia redemption . The rate of this loan consolidation will depend among other things on your financial situation and the guarantees you can provide.

Find the best rate thanks to a good borrower profile

As with a conventional Portia, the bank or financial repurchase body will review your situation to determine whether or not you are eligible for a Portia surrender. In order to optimize your chances, we recommend you to treat your borrower profile:

What work contract to get a better rate?

The employment contract is an indicator that the organizations consider relevant for the determination of the financial situation of an individual. Also, it will be easier for the holder of a CDI to obtain a better Portia redemption rate. But this is not a general rule: indeed, even with a CDD you have the opportunity to find a buy back Portia at the best rate. For this, it is advisable to improve your profile on other criteria and not be in a situation of overindebtedness.

A free online Portia redemption simulation does not commit you. It only allows you to clearly determine your situation and to verify your eligibility for a pool of loans or debts.

A reassuring financial result to have a better rate

By presenting a convincing balance sheet, it is possible to improve its chances of obtaining a favorable answer. Debt is not inevitable and banks simply want to make sure that you can meet your different monthly payments. The purpose of the Portia redemption is precisely to help you regain better financial health.

Your balance sheet can be drawn from supporting documents such as bank statements, invoices, your income or savings if necessary. Based on these data, it is possible to determine your debt ratio. In addition, you can present a guarantee (bond or mortgage for example) to improve your borrower profile and hope to find the best rate in terms of Portia redemption.

A generally popular option is to go through a Portia repurchase broker. It will allow you to win not only in time, but also in efficiency. For example, seniors who find that the application process is quite cumbersome, can use this solution.

Find the best rate by comparing offers

Put all the odds on your side by making a comparison of the different offers. In the Portia buyback market, many organizations have offers that seem competitive: check all the contours before you commit.

Compare the rate of Portia buyback offers

Do not jump on an offer at the first opportunity. Note that enticing ads are most often issued by the loan consolidation organizations to bait you. Indeed, you will have to deal with loan proposals whose rates are nominal, that is to say without the cost of fees and penalizing repayment deadlines.

So, never miss using a Portia repurchase comparator at the best rate. This will not only allow you to calculate the rates based on the TEG rate, but also to find insurance appropriate to your financial situation.
We provide you with our Portia Redemption Simulator to help you clarify your Portia rate and surrender calculations.

Compare other elements of the loan buyback offer

You will also find that the repurchase rates of Portia vary according to certain factors such as the EURIBOR index. The latter is focused on the percentages of loans and changes according to the registered offer. In the case of a repurchase of mortgage Portia or with declared deposits, it is possible to obtain better rates.

Debt repayment duration is also a criterion to be taken into account: longevity of payments can lead to much higher rates than those with a shorter duration. This means that you will pay back little to spend more. Unsecured loans are also influential factors in a loan consolidation rate increase, as it demonstrates the inability to repay.

Always check the borrower insurance rate, the fees charged and the quality of the support. Only by taking all these elements into account can you find an offer to buy Portia at the best rate.

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