Can’t sing or play an instrument, but want to play? Spotify has a new AI tool that could help

Artificial intelligence is currently finding all kinds of love in the music industry. Take Base location, an audio to MIDI converter now featured by Spotify. Basically, it can take any audio recording, including something as simple as a hummed melody, and turn it into a MIDI file. MIDI – which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface – is the standard language that allows different types of equipment to talk to each other. Once converted in this way, musical material, regardless of the original source, can be loaded into Garbage, Audacity, Pro Tools, Logic or any other digital audio workstation and manipulated into a masterpiece.

According to Spotify, Basic Pitch is “designed for artists and producers looking for an easy way to turn their recorded ideas into MIDI.”

Would you like to try it ? It works quite well. Just tweet something here and you will find a MIDI notation. You can also hear how it sounds as an instrument.

Cool, isn’t it? But you must also be wondering what kind of data is harvested from this? No, Spotify doesn’t record any of the audio, but could users teach Basic Pitch something about how people make music? Maybe.

(With information from music ally)

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