10 more music remakes to watch after West Side Story

Release December 10, 2021, West Side Story is the long-awaited remake of the beloved 1961 musical, which is itself an adaptation of the musical which dates back to 1957. There are also many other highly regarded musicals that have received the cinematic treatment on multiple occasions .

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Whether through a cinematic narrative or a filmed live performance, these standout music remakes have bonded with viewers over the years. If audiences love West Side Story and want to watch more of the best musical movie remakes, these incredible titles are amazing in their entertainment and emotional impact.

ten Disney Newsies: The Broadway Musical! (2017)

The first film production of News, which was released in 1992, is not among the most beloved movie musicals, but it did spawn a theatrical adaptation that debuted on Broadway in 2012. A film version of the theatrical production was released in 2017 , starring Jeremy Jordan as Jack Kelly.

The story surrounds the newspaper vendor strike of 1899 and features phenomenal choreography and incredible vocal talents from across the cast. A gripping and energetic story about characters that audiences can empathize with, especially because it’s based in part on actual events, News is a pleasant watch that does not get old.

9 A Star is Born (2018)

Bradley Cooper on stage playing guitar with Lady Gaga next to him singing into a microphone in a scene from A Star is Born.

Considered one of the best films of 2018, A star is born is a slightly edited version of a story that has been told three more times in a movie, which premiered in 1937. The story tells the story of an aspiring musician named Ally, who meets a successful musician named Jackson . A love story ensues as Ally’s career begins to rise and Jackson’s begins to fade.

The film received praise for the incredible acting skills of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, as well as Cooper’s directorial abilities. A star is born lives up to the legacy of its predecessors, even winning an Oscar for Best Original Song for “Shallow”.


8 Les Misérables: The Dream Cast in concert (1995)

Les Misérables (AKA The Dream Cast) 10th Anniversary Concert Cast Performs On Stage

While this is not a fully staged production of the show, The dream cast in concert presents perhaps the best music of any filmed interpretation of Wretched. Before this film-concert, Wretched saw several film adaptations, although none of them were in musical form.

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Produced to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the start of the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel, The dream cast featured just that: a dream cast made up of some of the show’s most renowned performers from various productions over the past ten years. Featuring the incredible talents of Colm Wilkinson, Lea Salonga, Michael Ball, and many other phenomenal performers, Les Misérables: the dream cast in concert is among the best concert films ever made.

seven Lacquer (2007)

The cast poses in a promotional image for Hairspray (2007)

years 1988 Hair spray is a cult film that became a musical in 2002, which was subsequently awarded a film in 2007. The film is set in 1962 and follows Tracy Turnblad, a teenage girl who dreams of appearing on a local dance TV show. Tracy is also looking to help end the racial segregation of the show.

The musical film has a few detractors, but many viewers adore the high-energy musical sequences and the lovable main protagonists. Also featuring catchy songs and messages about standing up for what’s right and building self-confidence regardless of what others say, Hair spray is a favorite among many fans of the genre.

6 Kinky Boots: The Musical (2019)

The cast of Kinky Boots 2019: the film production of the musical performs a song

The well-known musical Kinky Boots, which debuted in 2012, is adapted from a non-musical 2006 film. Partly based on real life, the plot centers on Charlie, the owner of a bankrupt shoe factory, and Lola, a drag queen who teams up with Charlie to design shoes that could save the factory.

The 2019 filmed stage production stars Matt Henry and Killian Donnelly in the lead roles, who provide incredible energy and chemistry to the show. With fantastic music, choreography and themes, Kinky Boots deserves its reputation as a phenomenal spectacle.

5 Chicago (2002)

Although many fans of the musical may not know it, the first cinematic interpretation in the history of Chicago was released in 1927. However, the plot would not be turned into a musical until 1975. The 2002 film, conceived as a multi-part play, was praised for its performance and exceptional storytelling.

It follows two women jailed for murder as they attempt to become celebrities with the help of a lawyer to avoid the death penalty. With Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere, Chicago remains a fan favorite musical for its theatricality and exploration of its themes.

4 Billy Elliot: The Musical Live (2014)

A promotional image shows Billy dancing in Billy Elliot: The Musical Live (2014)

Based on a non-musical 2000 film, Billy Elliot: The Musical debuted in 2005, and received a filmed production in 2014. It is set during the 1984-1985 miners’ strike and centers around the main character, a young boy who dreams of being a dancer. His father disapproves and wants him to participate in more traditionally masculine activities.

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The show beautifully presents the important themes of speaking out and doing what makes you happy, and with stellar performances by Elliott Hanna, Ruthie Henshall, Deka Walmsley and many more, Billy Elliot: the live musical offers an emotional and uplifting experience.

3 The Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Audrey II lifts Audrey up in Little Shop of Horrors

The 1986 film, Little shop of horrors, is a remake of a 1960 film that received the stage musical treatment in 1982. The film is set in the 1960s and follows Seymour, who works at a failing florist and, at the suggestion of his colleague Audrey, who ‘he secretly has a romantic interest, is looking to increase his income by displaying a strange plant he bought.

Seymour discovers that the plant, named Audrey II by Seymour, feeds on human blood and begins asking Seymour to do evil deeds to help him grow. Mostly a small-scale musical, Little shop of horrors excels in the chemistry between characters on screen, and with fun songs, great performances by Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene, and great puppets for Audrey II, Little shop of horrors has endured as a fan favorite movie musical.

2 The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (2011)

Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo sing together in Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall

The first film of The Phantom of the Opera was released in 1925 as a silent horror film. The story, based on a 1910 novel, was later adapted into a musical in 1986. The musical then made its way to the big screen in 2004, although many consider this. Phantom to be a musical film completely different from the performing arts.

The version that most fans seem to prefer is the live performance filmed at the Royal Albert Hall, which celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the original music production. With stunning performances from Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo in the lead roles, this rendition of The Phantom of the Opera brilliantly captures the magic of the story in a fully staged and excellently directed live production.

1 Cabaret (1993)

Alan Cumming and others in the cast perform in the filmed production of Cabaret in 1993

Although the 1972 film version of Cabaret perhaps more well-known, the 1993 filmed stage production is a worthy rendition of the musical. The story follows Clifford Bradshaw, an American writer who travels to Berlin just as the Nazi Party is gaining popularity. He frequents a nightclub and meets the entertainer Sally Bowles, along with many other personalities who embrace the club’s lifestyle.

The 1993 production stars Adam Godley, Jane Horrocks, Alan Cumming and Sara Kestelman, and focuses on themes of self-expression, nationalism, bigotry, and many other ideas. Cabaret remains a popular musical, and its 1993 production showed incredible talent.

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